Tuesday, April 17 1:30-6:30pm
Visiting Artist Kevin Clancy

  • Meet at Elaine’s Studio (249 A St, Boston, MA 02210) at 1:30pm
  • Kevin will give a talk about his work, and there will be time for open discussion. We can also spend some time brainstorming and planning our group actions at the ICA.

  • We will walk to the ICA together as a group. This is an opportunity for a student to propose and lead a participatory group action as we walk, in the Situationist tradition of the dérive. This can take the form of group action, guided meditation, audio tour, real estate tour, polyphonic choir, or whatever you want to activate the walk.

  • We will spend some time with ART IN THE AGE OF THE INTERNET, 1989 TO TODAY and HITO STEYERL: LIQUIDITY INC., and then we can respond to the works with subtle museum interventions
  • Kevin will lead the first score, a screen based meditation, and we will start a text chain in which anyone can propose a score, give a meeting place, and give instructions/commands to the group. You can think of actions in advance if you’ve already seen the exhibitions, or respond to the work on our visit. We need to be subtle and respectful though, so design within the parameters of the museums rules and don’t do anything that could put any work in danger. There can also be time to try pieces on the ICA steps or a public space near there, if anyone has an idea they want to try outside of the museum context. There are a few interesting spots to respond to around there (a big grass field, a weird astroturf game zone, empty glass condos, the marina docks, the water, etc)
  • Please bring ideas for either the ICA or a public space nearby. We can try as many scores as we have time for. It can be something you are already developing for this class or in your larger practice.


    • Bring your phone (make sure it is charged)

    • Go to and make sure the video plays properly on your phone

    • Kevin will send a text to the group chat with a time to meet in Hito Steyerl’s "Liquidity Inc"

    • When you get to the installation, lay/sit down on the ramp or bean bag chair, start a timer for 5 minutes (either on vibrate or with the most pleasant alarm sound in your opinion), open the video to full screen, and meditate on the digital void. It is ok if we arrive, start, and depart at slightly different times. We will all become an ephemeral tableau of hypnotic screen worship, we will embody the society of the spectacle. If a guard asks us to stop any action, we will respectfully stop and move on. If it feels as though these actions are not welcome in the ICA, we can move outside to try scores in public spaces.